Rohner. Standing by our customers, standing apart from our competitors.

Rohner’s corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities have been located in Vancouver WA, about 15 miles north of Portland OR, since we started in 1999. We love being in the Pacific Northwest, and our location will never be an issue when it comes to professionally and confidently serving the finishing needs of our customers throughout North America.

Dave Rohner“We believe in delivering exactly what our customer needs to get the best job done.” – Dave Rohner

We believe in providing superior service and support, whether you’re working with a Rohner staff member or contacting an authorized dealer-distributor in our nationwide network. Your regional Rohner dealer will provide personal consultation, knowledge of local codes and restrictions to meet full compliance, on-time installation and startup, onsite training, and comprehensive after-sale support. We carefully select the dealers in our approved network, as each one represents our Rohner name when they’re working with you. We partner with system integrators to deliver a complete finishing solution that meets your needs. We offer complete consulting services to you by affiliating ourselves with key partners who thoroughly understand, and have a passion for, the finishing industry.

Gone are the days when you can say that a paint booth is just a paint booth. When the most precise details are always taken into consideration, Rohner proves time and time again that it’s all about the Fit and the Finish. Rohner paint spray booths, powder coating booths, large equipment systems, batch and process ovens, makeup air units, and other finishing components each include the finest of details – sturdy doors, user-friendly controls, clear bright lighting, tight seals, heavy-duty steel, clean airflow, etc. We believe you should always be able to see, hear and feel the durability, reliability and total quality of our booths.Our reputation is always on the line, since the Rohner name is on every booth we build – and we can think of no better way to truly stand behind our products. Whether it’s a standard paint spray booth, customized powder coating solution, or an integrated finishing system, we put the hard work into it so you get the hard work out of it. You can trust us to take complete care of all your spraying and finishing needs, when you decide to put the Rohner name on Your Line. Thank you!

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