Batch Process and Continuous Process Ovens

Rohner builds standard and customized ovens that offer economical, modular heat technology solutions to meet your preheating, baking, curing and drying needs. Whether you are heating aerospace parts to 140° or powder coated parts to 500°, we have the engineering expertise to design an oven to fit your specific requirements.

It starts by answering basic oven questions such as…

  • Are you finishing paint or powder?
  • Does your process require a flash, ramped heat or staged cooldown?
  • Are you interested in batch process or continuous process, high or low production?
  • How much room do you have on your shop floor?

But Rohner doesn’t just stop there.

With Rohner’s experience all these questions are answered and proper recommendations are made. We challenge our customers to think about, not only their immediate needs, but future expansion. Rohner has the knowledge to give our customers the best and most efficient oven options. The purpose of Rohner’s oven design is to ensure efficient use of production labor with minimum maintenance required. Rohner’s ovens require no field welding unlike other competitors, as it’s a complete nuts and bolts, tongue and groove assembly with easy setup. Oven panels are made of mineral wool insulated 4 inch thick aluminized panels with the doors made of 6 inch thick panels. This standard feature insures extra protection and operator safety when opening and closing the product doors. Full 6” thick panel construction is available. Rohner can also provide top mounted or rear mounted burner configuration. The top mounted burner ovens are required for dual entry product doors.

Rohner helps determine all your requirements upfront, addressing all the possibilities to give you the best, quickest, and most efficient heating or curing time available. Talk with Rohner about your needs, and then leave the details to us.