Process Ovens

Rohner Process Ovens offer an economical, modular heat technology solution for your preheating, baking, curing and drying needs. Whether you are curing aerospace parts at 140° or powder coated parts at 500°, we have the engineering expertise to design an oven to fit your specific requirements.


Some of the standard features provided in Rohner process ovens include:

  • 4″ thick, 20 gauge aluminized panels insulated with 4 lb. density mineral wool, and perforated grooved seams
  • Gas-fired 25:1 turn-down process heater for precise control
  • UL508 industrial control panel with remote HMI touchscreen user interface
  • Welded tube steel product doors and heavy-duty hinges with bearings
  • Shop-fabricated tube steel exterior structure, so no field welding required
  • Mixed airflow with filtered supply air
  • Superior temperature uniformity

Rohner ovens include a standard 8” header for conveyor rails without sacrificing available product working area. With this standard feature already built in, future conveyors do not affect the doors integrity and door seal. Rohner also designs for a maximum number of recirculation air turns per minute as compared to many of our competitors. This allows for quicker drying times and uniform temperatures. Also as combustion air enters the oven it passes through Rohner’s standard filters plenum which assures a clean process environment and protects critical burner combustion components improving the overall efficiency of the oven.

Rohner ovens are configured to regulate and balance the temperature to give you the best dry/curing time for your process. These temperatures are controlled by Rohner’s PLC process controls panel which comes standard on the oven. The programmable multi-stage temperature and time recipe manager in the PLC eliminates any guess work and you are able to digitally program the most accurate and efficient parameters for your process and save them for future use. The PLC also comes standard with internal trouble shooting and diagnostics status reducing maintenance and downtime.

A single 800° Class II industrial plug-blower provides circulation and combustion air resulting in reduced energy and maintenance costs. Rohner Process Ovens are designed to meet or exceed NFPA86 standards, and their gas trains meet FM insurance requirements. Consult your local authority having jurisdiction for additional requirements before purchasing.

For more information on the standard features, models and dimensions, operator controls, and available options of our Batch Process Ovens, please download the Process Ovens / Operator Process Controls Brochure or contact Rohner and someone on our staff will help.