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Extend Filter Life and Reduce Noise With Rohner Collector Modules

Posted March 7, 2019

Rohner Powder Collector Modules are compact, high-efficiency, cartridge-style collector modules with standard capacities of 4000 to 10,000 CFM, and are our recommended choice for batch and conveyorized manual-application powder coating systems.

Rohner-collector-moduleWith Rohner Collector Modules you will find:

  • Filter Life: Rohner’s Shock Wave technology, pictured at right, cleans the entire cartridge filter, maintaining proper airflow while achieving longer filter life. Go from changing your filters every 6 months to changing them every 3+ years!
  • Reduction in Noise: Our 4” static pressure design operates at a lower dBa than the competitions 3” static pressure units.
  • Variable Frequency Drive: Rohner collector module controls come standard with a VFD to adjust airflow for optimum transfer efficiency while providing powder containment within the enclosure.
  • Footprint size: Our smaller overall size and cfm range per the two units gives the ability/flexibility to have one design which can be used for various applications and air requirements.

CM10000-front-powder-collector-moduleEngineered to the highest industry standards, the low-static design of our powder collector modules incorporates a high filter cloth-to-air ratio, constant digital transducer filter static monitoring, and automatic cycle start/stop back pulse filter cleaning. These factors result in reduction of blower HP and lower compressed air requirements, which extends filter life and reduces energy consumption.

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