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Posted April 3, 2018

Rohner announced today the installation of a Euromac MTX CNC Punching System at their Vancouver, WA facility. The addition of the Punch Machine is in response to the need for increased product capacity and improved efficiency.

Punching-systemThe versatility of the hybrid MTX model allows for a large array of tool set ups which provides the versatility needed within fabrication. The Euromac CNC Punching System offers:

  • Tooling capacity up to 60 tools and 30 Auto-Index stations
  • Can be programmed off-line or directly
  • 50”-60” throat with standard 100” table
  • Tonnages: 24 and 33
  • Strokes in nibbling mode: 1000 strokes/min.
  • Strokes in marking mode: 2000 strokes/min.
  • FLEX System: full control of the ram speed, acceleration and dwell time.
  • CPS system which allows special functions of punching, thread tapping, nibbling, bending, forming, engraving, beading, marking

Hybrid uses less energy offering lower cost of ownership without sacrificing performance. “Quality, simplicity and efficiency is critical in a Rohner paint spray booth. The same is required of Rohner’s manufacturing equipment and processes. Euromac is one of the equipment vendors Rohner counts on to produce high quality booths,” said Dave Rohner, Rohner President. “Ease of use, short training curve and intuitive trouble shooting are just a few of the advantages Rohner designs into its equipment. We require the same from our vendors. Finding like minded industry partners is a breath of fresh air.”

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