A Guide to Maximizing Paint Booth Cycles


The Rhythm of Efficiency

Developing the perfect finish is all about understanding your process flow. What part are you processing inside your paint booth? Different material substrates may require unique types of pretreatments and varying temperature and climate environments to meet your efficiency goals. Understanding the operation of your paint booth starts with your customer’s expectations. Your customer expects a high-quality finish at a reasonable price.

How does your efficiency and process flow aid in delivering the highest quality product? Maximum efficiency requires a well-rounded understanding of the capabilities of you finishing equipment and the highly skilled team that operates it. Take a look at the bigger picture, making sure that the work area is well organized and allows for product superior product flow will minimize downtime. Properly locating product inside your paint booth and using project specific part delivery systems will give you team the best opportunity for success.

Feel the Heat!

Proper temperature and air distribution is vital for a highly functioning paint booth. The makeup air unit (M.A.U.) is the heart of the heating system of a paint booth. With proper maintenance a M.A.U. can provide stable paint and cure air cycles longer than it would without it. The air balance in your booth can have significant effects on heat distribution in the work area and around your part. If your product requires a specific application temperature, or even a cure cycle to finish, then optimal heat distribution is just as important as the paint application process. Improper booth balancing can pull unconditioned shop air into your equipment or push hazardous air into your outside work area.

Paint booth heating systems can be designed with various solutions in mind. Does your product require a higher temperature cure stage? What are the cure temperature requirements? M.A.U.s can be designed to provide temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Combined with the proper control system you have the ability to program multiple recipes that have unique cure temperatures for all of your products and coatings.

The Philosophy of Finishing

In summary, in order to provide a superior product with the highest quality finish you must think holistically about your approach to every facet of your product delivery solution. Ensuring efficient product workflow, product oriented application stratagems, product specific curing processes, proper equipment maintenance, and excellent work area organization will aid in delivering a product both you and your customer will be satisfied with.