Who We Are

Rohner has been providing the finishing industry with top quality liquid painting booths, powder booths and complete finishing solutions for the last 20 years.

Rohner sets the standard for high quality paint booths and custom manufactured industrial paint systems. Our brand is synonymous with quality and service. Cutting edge technology, engineering, experience and passion drive Rohner to provide the best value in finishing equipment.

Located in Vancouver, Washington, Rohner also has sales, service, and installation offices in CT, WI & AL allowing us to support customers throughout North America.

Solutions for A Variety of Industries

The Rohner team engineers booth standard catalogue and custom finishing equipment solutions for a variety of manufacturing and service entities in the Aerospace, Military, Architectural, Manufacturing, Marine, and Utilities industries. For larger applications, Rohner solutions are custom engineered for our clients’ unique requirements.

Rohner manufactures the majority of the components used in our systems giving us complete control of design, quality & the flexibility to install into virtually any environment.

A quality installation is the final step in giving our clients the finishing solution. We know that top quality equipment will only perform its best when installed to factory design specifications. Our experienced installation team members are knowledgeable skilled tradesmen with a dedication to safety.

Rohner paint spray booths, powder coating booths, large equipment systems, batch and process ovens, makeup air units, and other finishing components each include the finest of details – sturdy doors, user-friendly controls, clear bright lighting, tight seals, heavy-duty steel, clean airflow, etc. We believe you should always be able to see, hear and feel the durability, reliability and total quality of our booths.

Rohner’s product line also includes makeup air units, bake ovens, conveyors, washers, blast cabins and spray booth filters.

Why Choose Rohner?

We custom design and engineer boths that turn our customer’s requirements and specifications into durable, reliable products. Our innovative and custom solutions fit our clients’ needs and give them the assurance they can provide their clients with quality products on time and under budget.

At Rohner we pride ourselves in providing superior service and support, whether the customer is working with a Rohner staff member or contacting an authorized dealer-distributor in their nationwide network. Our sales team works quickly and effectively with building and process engineers to develop accurate specifications. This assures our customers are getting cost effective and reliable quotes for their projects.

Our reputation is always on the line, since the Rohner name is on every booth we build.

“We believe in delivering exactly what our customer needs to get the best job done.”
– Dave Rohner