Rohner Expands Vancouver Location 2020 was an exciting year of growth and development for Rohner Finishing Systems. We have made many improvements focused on promoting customer […]

Automotive Paint Booth Guide to Better Production

The Auto Body / Collison Repair Industry has seen many changes over the last decade. Aluminum body construction and high-tech safety equipment are requiring skills totally […]

Why Invest in Powder Coating Booths – Cost/Benefit Analysis

Switching from a liquid paint to a powder coating can be beneficial to your business in a variety of ways. Powder coating is a more environmentally friendly means of painting your […]

Optimize the Efficiency of your Paint Booth

Building a more efficient paint booth will lead to higher throughput and productivity while reducing associated maintenance and replacement costs. An efficient paint booth will […]

Maintaining Your Paint Mixing Room

A large part of successfully operating a paint mixing room is knowing how to care for it. Low-quality paint finishes are often the result of contamination and poor maintenance. We […]

A Comprehensive Guide for Selecting the Correct Filters for Your Paint Booth

Spray booths are defined by the direction of airflow through the interior of the unit. Each type of paint booth utilizes filters. Without the proper filtration and containment in […]

Choosing the Right Spray Booth for Your Businesses Needs

There are so many options when it comes to spray booths.  The term spray booth is a broad one and can mean anything from a basic space with a fan to a high-production booth with […]

Paint Mix Rooms


Rohner Catalog Booths – Batch Ovens

CATALOG BOOTHS FROM ROHNER Pre-Configured, Short Lead Times, Exceptional Value You have trusted Rohner for all of your custom solutions, don’t forget about our catalog booth […]