Customer Case Study: Impact Dog Crates

heater-craft-rohnerImpact Dog Crates moved to their new facility in Hayden, Idaho with the intent of enhancing their production capabilities in order to keep up with the growing demand of their unique and original product line. The Rohner design team listened to the needs of Impact Dog Crates and came up with the the perfect solution to not only fulfill those needs but also allow for future production capacity.

This Rohner Finishing System is comprised of:

  • Powered Conveyor System
  • Wash Enclosure – complete with an eco-friendly waste-water treatment system and an elevated basement which eliminated the need for a concrete water-collection pit
  • Dual Purpose Dry/Cure High Temperature Process Oven – designed with the intent to reduce overall factory footprint as well as electrical and natural gas demand by housing two oven processes, parts drying and parts curing, in one oven
  • Inline Powder Booth – complete with (2) 6000 CFM collector modules, was designed at an air flow rate above the required need to allow for multiple production processes; coating and color change. With the supplied adjustable speed fan motors, airflow can be turned down to a lower volume while actively coating for better powder coat transfer efficiency and turned up to maximum volume for color change and booth cleaning


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