Lower Cost and Better Temperature Control With Rohner Makeup Air Units!

Automotive-Paint-Booth-Makeup-Air-Unit-Humidity-Control-2-1With 92% Thermal efficiency, Rohner MAUs deliver industry leading Temperature Control

Rohner Heated Makeup Air Units are designed to meet your most demanding finishing and refinishing requirements:

  • Seamlessly integrate or retrofit with any of our Rohner Paint Spray Booths
  • Can be used for building makeup air where multiple booth/process applications are occurring

Rohner Heated Makeup Air Units are available in horizontal or vertical configurations, with optional weather-proof construction for outdoor installation, and can be outfitted for reduced or recycled air for bake applications.

Rohner also offers Climate Control Makeup Air Units

  • Cooled (DX and Chilled Water) de-humidification units
  • Humidity control


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