Maintaining Your Paint Mixing Room

Maintaining Your Paint Mixing Room

A large part of successfully operating a paint mixing room is knowing how to care for it. Low-quality paint finishes are often the result of contamination and poor maintenance. We have compiled a list of tips to help you keep your paint system clean and operating efficiently.

What are Paint Mix Rooms?

Adding a paint mixing room to your system process is one way to ensure that your work area is safe and within code compliance. A mix room offers a controlled environment to safely mix paint while being protected from harmful vapors.  Our mixing rooms are constructed according to NFPA 33 standards and are perfect for storing, dispensing, and mixing paint. We can design paint mixing rooms to act as stand-alone units or attach directly to a spray booth. We will modify our design to efficiently fit your floorplan and integrate with your existing equipment.

Why are Mixing Rooms Required?

Companies that use or store more than a day’s supply of paint often need a mixing room to comply with federal and local fire codes. Your company will see a variety of benefits from introducing a mixing room to the workspace.  Paint mixing rooms reduce exposure to dangerous chemical vapors, increase productivity, and keep the work area clean and organized. Rohner will provide a secure and temperature-controlled environment to store your paints and solvents. It would be very dangerous to expose these highly flammable liquids to the high temperatures often found in spray booths. Not only do mixing rooms keep the work area clean but they also ensure that that your paints do not become contaminated, effectively providing your company with a higher quality paint finish.

Optimize Ventilation

Ensure proper ventilation to protect the health of your employees. Good ventilation is not only determined by the quality and power of your exhaust system but also by the design of your mixing room. If you do not optimize your paint mixing room for airflow, the exhaust system may be recycling toxic air which puts employees at risk for short and long-term health issues. In a mixing room, ensure that you maintain proper ventilation by using correctly sized fans to draw the contaminated air out and pull fresh air in through a filtration system.

Replace Filters Regularly

One of the best ways to keep a mix room clean is to regularly replace the air filters. A high-quality filter is more efficient and provides superior airflow. It is best to use the filters recommended by your spray booth manufacturer. We recommend that you replace your intake filters when they appear dirty or after every few months of operation.

Paint Mixing Room Maintenance

We recommend closely inspecting your paint mixing room for wear and damage every six months. Any light fixtures with damaged glass or exposed wiring should be repaired or replaced, depending on its condition. There should be no air leakage on doors, door latches, door hinges, floor sweeps, or door gaskets. Additionally, check the caulking between the panel seams and fill in any gaps or cracks.

When considering a mixing room or production in general it is important to know that keeping your work area clean will always result in a higher quality product. Maintenance from a cleaning perspective is just as important as properly maintained filters and fans. Your mix room work area should be free of dust, used rags, tools, and general clutter. Keeping a clean and organized workspace will add to the life of the equipment and improve operator efficiency.

Let Experts Help

Contact the experts at Rohner to learn how a paint mixing room can make your business more efficient. Decades of knowledge and expertise will go into the design, production, and installation of a safe and efficient painting solution. Rohner will get you the best results by providing your company with custom solutions to fit the specific needs of your industry. Contact us today!