Optimize the Efficiency of your Paint Booth

Optimize the Efficiency of your Paint Booth

Building a more efficient paint booth will lead to higher throughput and productivity while reducing associated maintenance and replacement costs. An efficient paint booth will also promote higher quality and a more consistent paint finish; eliminating downtime through re-work & increasing input and output of whatever current project you have on hand. Here are just a few options to consider when thinking about optimizing your paint system.

Filter Life Optimizer (F.L.O.)

F.L.O. maximizes filter life by automating the booth air velocity and maintaining optimal airflow. Proper and consistent airflow is critical to achieving a high rate of transfer efficiency, thus reducing paint cost and rework. The F.L.O. filter life indicator gives a warning when the filters are 80% loaded. This allows your operator to accurately know when filters should be changed to reduce downtime and production loss. By getting the most out of every filter, it will also reduce consumable costs over the life of the booth. F.L.O. is available for either enclosed booths or open face booths via “Automatic Booth Pressure Control” or “Constant Volume Control” respectively, both available in UL 508 Listed, NEMA 12 Industrial Enclosures.

Adding a Makeup Air Unit

Makeup air units are capable of filtering and regulating the temperature of the paint booth supply air. Adding a makeup air unit will boost throughput by giving the operator increased control over dry times and reducing the rework that is most often the result of air that is not pre-filtered or a booth environment that is susceptible to unfavorable environmental conditions. Additionally, adding a cure cycle to your makeup air unit will provide more consistent and improved dry times to push your production capacity to the next level. In addition to speeding up drying times, a cure cycle can provide energy efficiency through either the standard options of 50% reduced air cure or recycle. Rohner controls are capable of building and saving succinct recipes.  This will ensure that your project pre-work is always minimized and production continues to move smoothly.

Filtered Product Doors

Filtered product doors are a great addition to any booth when adding a makeup air unit is either not an option or not desired. They provide your booth with the feature of pre-filtered supply air at a lower cost.  While also giving your booth environment the clean, quality airflow that every paint project needs. Filtered doors can be modified to fit any wide variety of product size or project scope. They can be added to existing booths or considered as an add on to your current booth project with Rohner.