With energy costs on the rise don’t ignore your oven's energy consumption.  Old worn out ovens and poor maintenance can leave your oven consuming 25% more fuel than necessary. Modern process ovens are a complicated piece of industrial equipment. Combustion burners, exhaust fans and blowers all require maintenance and routine parameter adjustments to operate properly. Oven performance is always on a slow decline that is often not perceived by the operators, but visible on the operating cost and bottom line. Insulated oven enclosures degrade over time and decrease energy efficiency. Check to see if you oven exterior is excessively hot, greater than 140° F, if so your oven may be suffering from insulation failure, poor design or imbalance pressure. All of these items can affect your ovens performance. 

Should I replace my old worn out powder coating oven to save energy cost?

Is my oven operating at peak performance?

Don’t assume your oven is operating properly. Contact Rohner for a free evaluation of your existing batch oven’s performance. Rohner will provide you with an efficiency analysis and recommend maintenance to improve your ovens performance.



  • Will I use my oven for liquid or powder, possibly both?
    • Temperature and ventilation rates vary dramatically between coatings being cure.  Consider ordering an oven with dual operating modes for booth energy efficient liquid and powder coating
  • Does the coating I am curing have tight temperature tolerance requirements?
    • Do I need oven temperature data trend recording to measure process compliance
  • Will the oven I choose be energy efficient?
    • Oven engineered for a specific process requirement are more efficient than one size fits all approach


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