Equipment and Preventative Maintenance

Systemic Approach to Equipment and Preventative Maintenance

Successful manufacturing requires the use of dependable equipment that meets the demands of business, enabling manufacturers to maintain production schedules and fill orders. Downtime = lost revenue and higher expenses.

Even when anticipated and budgeted for, maintenance costs can significantly impact the bottom line. Any manufacturing facility has maintenance costs that vary on a month-to-month basis. Fluctuations in costs can be the result of many things, ranging from scheduled maintenance to unexpected shutdowns that arise when components breakdown and need replacing. Preventative maintenance combined with the purchase of equipment with high uptime are the easiest and most cost effective ways businesses can boost their return on investment.

When left unchecked, maintenance costs can absolutely devastate your capital investment returns. Often, when deciding which equipment to purchase, a business has one of two choices; buy on the basis of quality so that the operating life of your equipment is largely trouble-free, or buy on the basis of what requires the lowest cost. The smart choice is always to invest up front in the high quality equipment, knowing that you’ll recoup the additional initial expense through lower overall maintenance costs and by experiencing less unexpected downtime.

A business that invest in quality equipment should be willing to make the investment needed to keep the equipment functioning at its highest level to achieve the anticipated R.O.I. Here is where the robust industrial finishing equipment we manufacture at Rohner can save you money.


heater-craft1-1Rohner can provide systems that are integrated and reduce unnecessary complexity – a great example is Impact Dog Crates who have installed our 1) Powered Conveyor System 2) Wash Enclosure 3) Dual Purpose Dry/Cure High Temperature Process Oven and 4) Inline Powder Booth. This integrated solution reduced the required labor by 50% and doubled output providing an attractive R.O.I.





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