Spray Booth For Transit Facility

rohner-transit-spray-boothThe Clark County Public Transit facility recently received a new Rohner paint booth at their maintenance facility to accommodate the 60’ New Flyer Xcelsiors articulating buses. The state of the art down-draft paint booth with personnel lifts increases efficiencies while reducing energy consumption at C-Trans Vancouver Facility. 

The Spray Booth features:

  • Powder coated white interior with color correct sunlight lighting improves quality, reducing rework and operator fatigue.
  • Down-draft airflow creates a clean paint job and protects operators from hazardous chemical found in most of today’s high performance coatings. Clean filtered air is drawing from the ceiling down to the exhaust pit located in the concrete floor. In down-draft booths hazardous paint over spray travels the least distance of any booth style reducing operator exposure. 
  • State of the art controls allows the operator to easily program bake cycle and energy saving standby modes. Additionally controls have auto diagnostics for trouble shooting maintenance issues.
  • The energy savings ‘high temperature reduced air volume mode’ reduces the amount of time necessary for the booth to be in operation after painting. This feature increases production capacity while minimizing energy consumption.

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