Considerations for Bringing Powder Coating In-House

CONSIDERATIONS FOR BRINGING POWDER COATING IN-HOUSE Powder coating is a popular and versatile finishing method used in various industries, including automotive, manufacturing, and […]

Choosing the Right Paint or Powder Booth

CHOOSING THE RIGHT PAINT OR POWDER APPLICATION BOOTH When it comes to achieving consistent finishes in industries such as automotive, manufacturing, and woodworking, having the […]


Rohner Expands Vancouver Location 2020 was an exciting year of growth and development for Rohner Finishing Systems. We have made many improvements focused on promoting customer […]

Rohner Catalog Booths

Pre-Configured, Short Lead Times, Exceptional Value You have trusted Rohner for all of your custom solutions, don’t forget about our catalog booth options!

Rohner Continues Their Commitment to Innovation

Rohner Continues Their Commitment to Innovation Rohner Spray Booths recently purchased a Amada ENSIS-4020AJ CNC Laser Cutting Machine.This CNC laser cutting machine has a working […]

Recent Rohner Installation

Recent Rohner Installation