Considerations for Bringing Powder Coating In-House


Powder coating is a popular and versatile finishing method used in various industries, including automotive, manufacturing, and home improvement. It offers numerous advantages, such as durability, environmental friendliness, and an attractive finish. Many businesses outsource their powder coating needs to specialized companies, but there comes a time when bringing powder coating in-house becomes a viable option. In this blog, we will explore the key considerations for making this decision.

Initial Investment and Cost Savings

One of the most critical factors to consider when bringing powder coating in-house is the initial investment. You'll need specialized equipment, such as a powder coating booth, curing oven, spray guns, and associated infrastructure. By reducing outsourcing costs like transportation and markup fees, and by purchasing materials in bulk, you can yield remarkable ROI in 2-3 years with up to 50% in cost savings.

Shorter Lead Times

Using in-house powder coating allows for more efficient scheduling and production planning for your operations. You can respond quickly to customer requests and significantly reduce lead time by eliminating delays associated with outsourcing. With faster production you can produce and deliver quality product, and direct oversight of the coating process results in fewer defects, rework, and rejects.

Additional Benefits

By bringing powder coating in-house, you can customize coatings, adapt your operations to meet client needs, and maintain strict production guidelines for your operations. In-house operations also provide greater sustainability with reduced transportation emissions and quality controls.

Quality Control

Maintaining quality control is essential for a successful in-house powder coating operation. You must implement a rigorous quality control process to ensure consistent and high-quality finishes. This includes regular inspection, process monitoring, and the establishment of standards for acceptable coatings.

Getting Started

In-house powder coating can benefit companies of all sizes and help smaller manufacturers to compete more effectively in the market. The first step to bringing powder coating in-house is to evaluate your current outsourcing expenses, facility space, and equipment requirements. Check your local regulatory agencies for compliance requirements and consider hiring an industry expert to help ensure a smooth transition.

Bringing powder coating in-house has many potential benefits including significant ROI, shorter lead times, improved quality control, and significant cost reductions. Evaluate your specific business needs, financial capabilities, and regulatory requirements to make an informed decision that aligns with your long-term goals. To learn how Rohner can help you move to in-house powder coating operations to reduce costs and increase efficiencies, click here


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